This course is for You! 

Enjoy a unique, professional massage course

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to establish and work at Your own clinic IN JUST ONE WEEK

Special Package

One such course - the only such occasion!

This course is for You!

Take a week for this special proffesional massage course that gives the knowledge necessary to conduct Your own business and transform your life! Do not let the crisis! Becom a masseur!


The course gives the from scratch knowledge and is designed mainly ror people who want establish their own initiative.

If you are a beginner and you consider becoming professional  masseur ? this course is right for You!

The course is conducted both English and Polish.

Give yourself a clever gift and get amazing job with prospects. Enjoy a lucrative pleasant and independent work without the timing pressure. 


We have selected the most popular massage techniques  among the clients :

The course consist of the massage techniques package:


- Classic massage with elements of the deep tissue massage

-  Therapeutic classical massage( II) designed to treat the most common ailments, including the elements of postisometric relaxation techniques

-  Office  onsite massage

- Manual lymphatic drainage with kinesiotaping

- Hawaiian LOMI LOMI massage (relaxing)

- Manual slimming massage with the anti-cellulite Chnese cupping therapy

- Firming and cosmetic massage

- Japanese Shiatsu massage

- Traditional Thai massage with elements of manual therapy of the spine,

- Foot reflexology

- Chocolate relaxing massage (free)

- Hot stones massage (free)

- Pregnancy massage (free)


If you are serious about establishing the massage business - this package is for you! 

Do not waste your money and time on long and not efficient courses


Do not be afraid of competition- thanks to this course this competition is afraid of YOU.


In only one week we will teach You the techniques You really need to perform professional and effective  massage. Those skills are not available to other masseurs . 

SPECIAL OFFERS for course participants:

        professional massage table as a GIFT!!!

         3 courses massage FREE!: Pregnancy massage, infant massage and chocolate massage

         A special surprise (you will not  get this at  any other course, and it is not available in any any store) incredibly useful in your office!

 and SPECIAL OFFERS for course participants- You can repeat this course for free as much time as You want- we give You lifetime warantee for Your skills!

The only such a course at the amazing value  preparing for the professional work sensational price. Get an amazing skills during the week and enjoy the work you want! 

Want to work for Yourself, in SPA or in portable massage clinic?

 You can do this after this training !! Receive certificates of 12 massage techniques in English and Geramy acknowledged by Ministry of Education  authorizing to carry on business in EU countries, 

Digital training materials with descriptions, photographs and drawings of the various techniques also available.

Special offer on the courses and professional portable massage table.

Total cost of the course package:

830 Euro including gifts!

If You bring another person with You- You will only pay 660Euro!!

Dates: You can check in calendar under PAKIET TRIGGER, course run every day from 9am to 7 pm

Adress: 62-051 Komorniki Ognikowa 12 str.

The classes will be run in small group. Course designed both for therapistas a refreshing training and for beginners. If You need acommodation- contact us, its free of charge .You can attend the course with us as refreshment training as many times as You like!

To join write or call: szkolamasazu@icloud.com
+48 693-574-232